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The true cost of wasted food for a business is

10-20 times the cost of waste disposal

4% to 10%

of food purchased is thrown away before reaching the customer’s plate.

Food costs are 28% to 35% of all restaurant revenue


Percent of meals that are left uneaten by diners

Our power is numbers

Cascade Disposal is pleased to offer several services in your area. We provide commercial, roll-off and temporary container services. We can also provide portable restrooms for construction and special events as well as mobile storage units. Please contact our customer service at 541-382-6660 or e-mail us at [email protected] for additional information on the services we provide in your area.

Commercial Customers

In 2018 we recycled…

lbs. of commingle material
lbs. on cardboard
lbs. of glass


Trash, Recycle, Yard Debris, House Cleanout, Construction and Demolition Debris

Affordable and practical services for cleanouts or demolition. Please contact us to learn more about pricing and services.

Cascade Disposal ROLL-OFF

10 yard / 20 yard / 30 yard

Cascade Disposal Bulky pick-up

Bulky Pick-up

Trash, Recycle, Yard Debris and Household Items

Affordable and convenient services for bulky items including furniture, mattresses and other items too large for residential and commercial containers. Please contact us to learn more about pricing and services.

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