Most frequent questions and answers

The office will be closed on all major holidays.

The only holidays our drivers don’t work are Christmas Day and New Years Day. If your pick up day falls on or after one of these holidays, your services will be delayed by one day.

Our website will be updated with notifications in the event that inclement weather impacts your service.

Please have all material set out the night before your service day.

Yes, vacation credit is given if your account is serviced less than three times in a one month period. Please contact us before leaving so that we can adjust your account and notify the drivers.

Yes, for an additional fee we can pick up any extra items that will not fit in your cart. Please give us a call at 541-382-6660 to schedule a pickup or debris removal. Some examples are: couches, dressers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, desks, TV’s, mattresses, box springs etc…

We are not able to collect household hazardous waste materials. Household hazardous waste items can be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at Knott Landfill in Bend. A complete list of acceptable items can be found on the Deschutes County Website.

Yes we do charge for extra trash. An extra is defined as any additional bag or can set out for pick up above your subscribed service level. An “extra” fee may also apply if your can is overflowing or if your can is overweight. Cans may be filled level to the top as long as the lid is completely closed. If your can is overweight, overflowing or you are continually putting out extras for pick up, you may need to increase your level of service. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 541-382-6660 or [email protected] to inquire about any changes to your account.

Please contact our customer service at 541-382-6660 or [email protected] immediately so we are aware. If we are not contacted, we do not know you have been missed. (Return trip fee may apply)

Yes, using our web site you can view and pay your statements online. Go back to the home page and click online bill pay to sign up.