Sunriver Recycling FAQs

Serviced weekly on resident’s current trash day. Please have all material set out the night before your service day. 

Cascade Disposal will deliver 18 gallon glass bins to all active residents’ front porch starting the week of November 28, 2022. (Recycle guide and recycle lid sticker will be delivered with the glass bin.) Residents on a current vacation status will be delivered a glass bin when service is resumed.

Customer will supply their own can.

Can Requirements:

  • 35 gallons or smaller
  • Rubber can
  • No wheels
  • Detachable lid

No color requirements

Cascade Disposal will supply a 5”x5” sticker for residents to place on recycle can lid so the drivers can differentiate the recycle can from the trash can.

*Vacation hold accounts will receive a glass bin once resumed. 

(If you did not receive a glass bin or the included recycle guide and sticker, please let us know and we will have a driver drop one off on your next pick up day.)

Contaminated recycling may generate additional trash or contamination charges. See recycle guide for more details.